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Annie Victoria Mitchell (1910-1993)                                                                     

'Root person' for Mitchell family history - Generation 2.












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Father: John Samuel Mitchell:

Birth: 29 December 1866, 1, Betholom Row, Birmingham, Warwickshire.

Marriage: 29 August 1897, Registry Office, Portsea Island, Portsmouth (John was 30 years old).

Occupation: Petty Officer 1st Class, Royal Navy, craftsman and rigger.

Death: 11 August 1946, 310, Hawthorn Crescent, Portsmouth, Hampshire (John was 79 years old).

Cause of death: Cerebral thrombosis and arteric sclerosis (fatal stroke).

John Samuel Mitchell enlisted in the Victorian Royal Navy as an Able Seaman on 5 February 1887 at age of 18 years. His occupation at the time of enlistment was described as 'maunder' (a wanderer without any clear purpose in life). John had a successful career in the Navy, achieving the rank of Petty Officer 1st Class in the summer of 1898. John served in the Navy from 25 February 1887 until 23 February 1907, when he was shore pensioned after a total time served of 20 years. After retiring from the Royal Navy, John worked as a craftsman and rigger on H.M. Dockyard, Portsmouth.


Mother: Annie Thomas:

Birth: 1878, Portsea, Hampshire.

Death: 1922, Portsmouth, Hampshire (Annie was 44 years old).


Birth: 4 April 1910, 32, Alver Road, Kingston, Portsmouth, Hampshire.

Annie was the fifth of nine children born to her parents, and their only daughter. She and her siblings were raised in the naval garrison city of Portsmouth, Hampshire, located 64 miles (103 kilometers) south west of London on the English Channel coast. Despite its large size, her family had a fairly comfortable lifestyle.


Marriage 1: 5 August 1934, St. Stephen's Parish Church, Portsea, Portsmouth, Hampshire (Annie was 24 years old).


Spouse 1: Percy Eastland:

Birth: 26 February 1898, 32, George Street, Buckland, Portsmouth, Hampshire.

Death: 21 October 1970, Lime Kiln Lane Estate, Caravan Park, Holbury, New Forest, Hampshire. (Percy was 72 years old).


Children: Patricia Dorothy Eastland:

Birth: 17 May 1935, 28, Victoria Road, Portsmouth, Hampshire.

Death: 9 April 2006, Bristol Royal Infirmary, Bristol, Gloucestershire (Pat was 70 years old).


Graham Percy Eastland:

Birth: 27 August 1943, 28, Victoria Road, Portsmouth, Hampshire.

Death: 1999, New Forest, Hampshire (Graham was 56 years old).


Marcellin Anita Eastland:

Birth: 26 June 1947, St. Mary's Hospital, Portsmouth, Hampshire.

Death: 24 March 2017, Chichester, Sussex (Marcellin was 69 years old). 


3 x living.


Marriage 2: 1972, Southampton, Hampshire (Annie was 62 years old).


Spouse 2: Cecil William Frank 'Bill' Stone:

Birth: 1 August 1905, West Winterslow, Salisbury, Wiltshire.

Death: 1990, 70, Stafford Road, Shirley, Southampton, Hampshire (Bill was 85 years old).

Annie married 67 year old Bill, a retired ambulance driver 2 years after Percy's death. This marriage lasted for 18 years.


Children: None.


Occupation: Unpaid domestic duties.


Death: 3 May 1993, Royal South Hampshire Hospital, Southampton, Hampshire (Annie was 83 years old).


Cause of death: Myocardial infarction and coronary artery atherosclerosis and thrombosis (heart attack).

Annie's coronary problems were caused by a defective heart valve used in a bypass operation.


Note: In keeping with National Genealogical Society guidelines, personal information about living ancestors hasn't been revealed on this website.

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