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Mel Hamson (nee Lane)


I was born in the 'Swinging Sixties' to loving parents who provided me with a comfortable home, and ensured I had the benefit of a decent education along with strict moral values and good manners.


My own family consists of my unconventional, beloved husband; my vivacious, accomplished daughters; my handsome, loving son; and an abandoned cat who made our family her own. I adore them all very much and they make me feel immensely proud.


During my youth, novels such as those shown below, immersed me in historical tales of courage and valour, and stimulated my interest in history and my desire to learn more:


  • The Jacobite Trilogy: "The Flight of the Heron", "The Dark Mile" and "The Gleam in the North".

      Written in the 1920s by Dorothy Kathleen Broster (pen name: D.K. Broster).


  • The Industrial Welsh Trilogy: "Rape of the Fair Country", "The Hosts of Rebecca" and "Song of the Earth".

      Written in the 1950s/1960s by George Alexander Graber (pen name: Alexander Cordell).


Acquiring a desktop computer in my early thirties enabled me to electronically catalogue my  drawings, paintings, photographs, journals, notebooks and other memorabilia collected over many years. Of course much of this has been re-catalogued, re-scanned, re-formatted and extended over the last 25 years in line with technological advances.


Following the birth of my children, I finally used this multi-faceted archive as the basis for researching our family history - the perfect way of personalising history and making it meaningful.


Undertaking the research for this site has at times been frustrating, tedious, enjoyable, enlightening and time-consuming, but always rewarding, with many hurdles overcome and many treasures found. Without the support of my family, undertaking this 'journey of discovery' would not have been possible.


As you browse this site I hope you enjoy reading my 'journey of discovery' as much as I have enjoyed researching and writing it.

Mel x

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