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Frances Elizabeth 'Fanny Eliza' Peacock (1844-1904)                                                       

Great step-grandmother of Patricia Dorothy Eastland - Generation 4.












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Father: John Peacock:

Baptism: 1 March 1807, Pulborough, Sussex.

Marriage: 1 January 1844, St. Andrew by the Wardrobe, London (John was 36 years old).

Occupation: Cordwainer (boot and shoemaker) employing six men.

Burial: 10 April 1859, St. Mary, Reigate, Surrey (John was 52 years old).

Cause of death: Scarlet fever for 6 days and pneumonia for 1 day.


Probate: PEACOCK, John late of Reigate in the county of Surrey. Boot and shoemaker deceased who died 8 April 1859 at Reigate aforesaid was proved at the principle registry by the oaths of Mary Ann Peacock of Reigate aforesaid the relict and Charles Easton of the same place builder, the executors. The will, 2 September 1859, effects under £3,000 (equivalent to £141,000 today).


Fanny's father worked on his own account as a cordwainer (boot and shoemaker) employing six men, and provided a comfortable lifestyle for her family until his untimely death.


Mother: Mary Ann Heather:

Birth: 1815, Reigate, Surrey.

Burial: 21 January 1873, St. Mary, Reigate, Surrey (Mary was 58 years old).


Baptism: 5 July 1844, St. Mary, Reigate, Surrey.

Fanny was the first of six children born to her parents. She and her siblings were raised in Reigate, Surrey, a town located at the foot of the North Downs 31 miles (50 kilometers) south of London. 


Marriage: 1877, Poplar, London (Fanny was 33 years old).


Spouse: George Eastland:

Birth: 1833, Newick, Sussex.

Death: 5 February 1902, Charlesfield Road, Horley, Reigate, Surrey (George was 69 years old).


Step-Children: Mother: Harriet Botting:

Birth: 1857, Lewes, Sussex.

Death: 1895, Croydon, Surrey (Harriet was 38 years old).


Ellen Eastland:

Birth: 29 December 1828, Lewes, Sussex.

Death: 1943, Dartford, Kent (Ellen was 85 years old).


Charles 'Charley' Eastland:

Baptism: 31 July 1864, St. Mary, Reigate, Surrey.

Death: 1942, Flat 4, Harrow House, Albert Road, Dorking and Horley, Surrey (Charley was 78 years old).


John Eastland:

Birth:1869, Brockham, Surrey.

Death: 1935, Croydon, Surrey (John was 66 years old).


Albert William Eastland:

Birth: 30 June 1872, Blackborough Mill Cottages, Reigate, Surrey.

Death: 1950, 82, Ernest Road, Buckland, Portsmouth, Hampshire (Albert was 78 years old).


Eliza Rose Eastland:

Birth: 1 June 1875, Blackborough Mill Cottages, Reigate, Surrey.

Burial: 7 January 1939, St. Bartholomew, Horley, Surrey (Eliza was 64 years old).

Upon marrying George, Fanny inherited six step-children aged between 2 and 20 years, all of whom had endured the loss of their mother and five siblings.


Children: John Owen Peacock:

Birth: 1869, Oxford Road, Reigate, Surrey.

Death: 29 July 1903, Sierra Leone, West Africa (John was 34 years old).

As Fanny's illegitimate son, John was informally adopted by George. At the time of his baptism Fanny named 'David Peacock', a painter, as John's father, although this man didn't exist, naming a father would've countered the stigma of illegitimacy. Fanny outlived her son by less than 12 months after he was killed in action while serving with the Royal Army Medical Corps (R.A.M.C.) as a Staff Sergeant, during a period of civil dissent in Sierra Leone.


Kate Eastland:

Birth: 3 January 1877, 17, Hookwood Woodlands, Charlwood, Reigate, Surrey.

Burial: 9 May 1952, St. Mary, Horsell, Surrey (Kate was 75 years old).


Florence Emma, Eastland:

Birth: 1883, 24, Sweetwater Cottage, Buriton, Petersfield, Hampshire.

Death: 1948, Horsham, Sussex (Florence was 65 years old).


Occupations: Cook (1864-1877) and housewife and mother (1877-1904).

While Fanny worked as a cook in the household of a rich old lady, she paid for John to be fostered out as a 'nurse child'. As a single unwed mother without support from her family, Fanny did what was necessary to keep herself and John out of the workhouse.


Death: 1904, Reigate, Surrey (Fanny was 60 years old).


Cause of death: Unknown.


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