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George Eastland (1833-1902)                                                       

Great grandfather of Patricia Dorothy Eastland - Generation 4.












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Father: John Eastland:

Baptism: 4 May 1801, St. Michael, Ashburnham, Sussex.

Marriage: 10 May 1823, St. Mary, Newick, Sussex (John was 22 years old).

Occupation: Agricultural labourer.

Burial: 16 July 1871, St. Mary, Newick, Sussex (John was 70 years old).

As an agricultural labourer, George's father is unlikely to have provided his sizeable family with a particularly comfortable lifestyle, nevertheless, since none of George's siblings died in infancy, it seems they were healthy despite being poor.


Mother: Lucy Mepham:

Baptism: 14 March 1802, St. Peter and Paul, Hellingly, Sussex.

Burial: 24 May 1860, St. Mary, Newick, Sussex (Lucy was 58 years old).


Birth: 1833, 'Fonthill', Church Lane, Newick, Lewes, Sussex.

George was the fourth of eight children born to his parents. He and his siblings were raised in Newick, Sussex, a village located 61 miles (98 kilometers) south east of London. Most famously in 1818, Thomas Baden-Powell became rector in Newick and preached there for many years with support from his son and cousin. His family was closely related to Lieutenant General Robert Stephenson Smyth Baden-Powell, 1st Baron Baden-Powell, the founder of the Scout movement.


Marriage 1: 1855, St. Mary, Newick, Lewes, Sussex (George was 22 years old).


Spouse 1: Harriet Botting:

Birth: 1834, Newick, Lewes, Sussex.

Death: 6 June 1875, Blackborough Mill Cottages, Reigate, Surrey (Harriet was 41 years old).


Children: Harriet Eastland:

Birth: 1857, Retihes, Newick, Lewes, Sussex.

Death: 1895, Croydon, Surrey (Harriet was 38 years old).


Ellen Eastland:

Birth: 29 December 1828, Retihes, Newick, Lewes, Sussex.

Death: 1943, Dartford, Kent (Ellen was 85 years old).


Elizabeth Eastland:

Birth: 1860, Retihes, Newick, Lewes, Sussex..

Burial: 15 September 1861, St. Mary, Newick, Lewes, Sussex (Elizabeth was 1 year old).


Charles 'Charley' Eastland:

Baptism: 31 July 1864, St. Mary, Reigate, Surrey.

Death: 1942, Flat 4, Harrow House, Albert Road, Dorking and Horley, Surrey (Charley was 78 years old).


Emma Jane Eastland:

Baptism: 21 October 1866, St. Mary, Reigate, Surrey.

Burial: 26 October 1870, St. Mary, Reigate, Surrey (Emma was 4 years 5 days old).


Alice Eastland:

Baptism: 18 October 1868, St. Matthew, Redhill, Surrey.

Burial: 31 October 1870, St, Mary, Reigate, Surrey (Alice was 2 years 13 days old).

It's difficult to imagine Harriet's heartache as she buried two infant daughters within 5 days of each other.


John Eastland:

Birth:1869, Brockham, Surrey.

Death: 1935, Croydon, Surrey (John was 66 years old).


Louisa Georgiana Eastland:

Baptism: 28 May 1871, St. Mary, Reigate, Surrey.

Death: 1871, Blackborough Mill Cottages, Reigate, Surrey (Louisa was 12 days old).


Albert William Eastland:

Birth: 30 June 1872, Blackborough Mill Cottages, Reigate, Surrey.

Death: 1950, 82, Ernest Road, Buckland, Portsmouth, Hampshire (Albert was 78 years old).


Ada Eastland:

Baptism: 26 April 1874, St. Matthew, Redhill, Surrey.

Burial: 17 June 1874, St. Mary, Reigate, Surrey (Ada was 1 month 22 days old).


Eliza Rose Eastland:

Birth: 1 June 1875, Blackborough Mill Cottages, Reigate, Surrey.

Burial: 7 January 1939, St. Bartholomew, Horley, Surrey (Eliza was 64 years old).


Probate: WILSON, Eliza Rose, of 15, Charlesfield Road, Horley, Surrey, widow, died 2 January 1939. Administration London, 21 March 1939, to William Alexander George Wilson toolmaker and Leslie Stanley Wilson engineering assistant. Effects £712 1s 11d (£24,230 today).


Although her mother died from child-bed fever 5 days after Eliza was born, she had given life to a daughter who married well and shed the shackles of her childhood poverty.


Marriage 2: 1877, Poplar, London (George was 44 years old).


Spouse 2: Frances Elizabeth 'Fanny Eliza' Peacock:
Baptism: 5 July 1844, St. Mary, Reigate, Surrey.

Death: 1904, Reigate, Surrey (Fanny was 60 years old).


Step-Child: John Owen Peacock:

Birth: 1869, Oxford Road, Reigate, Surrey.

Death: 29 July 1903, Sierra Leone, West Africa (John was 34 years old).

At the time of his baptism Fanny named 'David Peacock', a painter, as John's father. Although this man didn't exist, naming a father would've countered the stigma of illegitimacy. Fanny outlived her son by less than 12 months after he was killed in action while serving with the Royal Army Medical Corps (R.A.M.C.) as a Staff Sergeant, during a period of civil dissent in Sierra Leone.


Children: Kate Eastland:

Birth: 3 January 1877, 17, Hookwood Woodlands, Charlwood, Reigate, Surrey.

Burial: 9 May 1952, St. Mary, Horsell, Surrey (Kate was 75 years old).


Florence Emma, Eastland:

Birth: 1883, 24, Sweetwater Cottage, Buriton, Petersfield, Hampshire.

Death: 1948, Horsham, Sussex (Florence was 65 years old).


Occupation: Corn miller.

This was a lifelong profession for George, and the fact that 5 of his 11 children died in infancy, his first wife died from childbed fever and he himself died from tuberculosis, suggests that he was unable to maintain a healthy living environment for his family. Having said this, shortly before he died he was 'liviing on his own means' indicating that at some point he was no longer impoverished.


Death: 5 February 1902, Charlesfield Road, Horley, Reigate, Surrey (George was 69 years old).


Cause of death: Fibroid pthisis (tuberculosis) and heart disease.


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