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The reincarnation of our ancestors is the ambitious aim of our Hamson-Lane family history website.  


It is evident from our research that we herald from a long line of ordinary hard working folk, many of whom struggled to survive in the face of severe poverty and hardship, along with the disruption and desolation caused by revolution and war.


Although each of our ancestors has a different life story to tell  from a bygone age, they almost certainly shared many of the concerns and challenges we have today, particularly in respect of their families.


Pure genealogy has been used for identifying and verifying our ancestors, and general historical research has been used to understand the circumstances in which they lived.


Our research is based on information uncovered  through  available online resources - up to 400 years’ worth of family history for some of our primary lines of descent.


Although this research reflects as accurately as possible the history of our ancestors, the  interpretation of old documents and corroboration of information against original source documents, may have introduced some minor inaccuracies.


An extract from the eulogy for Henry Austin Lane, written by two of his granddaughters:


"Eternity lives on through those we leave behind, all of whom have a past, present and will have a future. It is what we do with these gifts that will preserve or destroy future generations of our family".


Please note: Whilst perusing this website you may learn things about our ancestors of which you do not approve, find distressing or simply surprising. Please bear in mind that there is nothing we can do about changing the past and we are not responsible for the actions or circumstances of our ancestors.


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