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John Eastland (1759-1835)                                                       

3 x Great grandfather of Patricia Dorothy Eastland - Generation 6.                                                                                                    












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Father: John Eastland:

Baptism: 19 June 1725, Ashburnham, Sussex.

Marriage: 2 October 1749, Dallington, Sussex (John was 24 years old).

Occupation: Tenant farmer.

Burial: 3 October 1803, St. Michael, Ashburnham, Sussex (John was 78 years old).

The contents of his father's Will suggests that John and his siblings had a comfortable lifestyle ahead of the wholesale change brought by the Agricultural Revolution (1760-1850) two generations later.


Mother: Sarah Golding:

Baptism: 12 January 1727, Wartling, Sussex.

Burial: 18 March 1808, St. Michael, Ashburnham, Sussex (Sarah was 81 years old).


Baptism: 24 August 1759, St. Michael, Ashburnham, Sussex.

John was the sixth of seven children born to his parents. He and his siblings were raised in Ashburnham, Sussex, a rural village located 69 miles (112 kilometers) south east of London. Ashburnham is mentioned in the Domesday Book, as being maltreated by the Normans, who reduced its value from £6.00 prior to the invasion (1066) to £1.00 after the invasion. Its value increased to £9.00 by the time the Domesday Survey was completed (1086), probably because of the iron workings nearby. Situated in the iron making district of the Weald, its blast furnace owned by the Crowley family, was the last in Sussex to be closed in 1813. Despite inheriting a sizeable bequest in his father's Will, without land and a decent education, John had little choice but to work on land owned by other farmers and landowners.


Marriage: 8 October 1787, Ashburnham, Sussex (John was 28 years old).


Spouse: Hester 'Esther' Dan:

Birth: 1765, Ashburnham, Sussex.

Burial: 11 February 1824, St. Michael, Ashburnham, Sussex (Esther was 59 years old).


Children: Edward Eastland:

Baptism: 22 August 1790, St. Michael, Ashburnham, Sussex.

Death: 1866, Hailsham, Sussex (Edward was 76 years old).


William Eastland:

Birth: 1791, Ashburnham, Sussex.

Death: 1870, Battle, Sussex (William was 79 years old).


Winifred 'Winnie' Eastland:

Baptism: 26 June 1797, St. Michael, Ashburnham, Sussex.

Death: 1873, Battle, Sussex (Winnie was 76 years old).


Philadelphia Eastland:

Baptism: 5 August 1798, St. Michael, Ashburnham, Sussex.

Death: 1866, Hailsham, Sussex (Philadelphia was 68 years old).


John Eastland:

Baptism: 4 May 1801, St. Michael, Ashburnham, Sussex.

Burial: 16 July 1871, St. Mary, Newick, Sussex (John was 70 years old).


Mary Ann Eastland:

Baptism: 2 May 1805, St. Michael, Ashburnham, Sussex.

Death: 1840, Lewes, Sussex (Mary was 35 years old).


Occupation: Agricultural labourer.

For a subsistence level income, agricultural labourers worked around 80 hours a week in all weathers to cultivate land, undertake harvesting, care for livestock, mend hedges, clear ditches, repair farm buildings and do any other farm work required. There is little doubt that they were impoverished and their only respite from gruelling hard work would have been on a Sunday when best clothes were worn, church was attended and a family meal (probably the most wholesome of the week) was shared.


Burial: 22 January 1835, St. Michael, Ashburnham, Sussex (John was 75 years old).


Cause of death: Unknown.


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