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Lucy Mepham (1802-1860)                                                       

2 x Great grandmother of Patricia Dorothy Eastland - Generation 5.












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Father: Joseph Mepham:

Baptism: 30 June 1765, Burwash, Sussex.

Marriage: 13 September 1787, St. Bartholomew, Chalvington, Sussex (Joseph was 22 years old).

Occupation: Agricultural labourer.

Burial: 13 March 1843, St. Peter and Paul, Hellingly, Sussex (Joseph was 77 years old).

For a subsistence level income, agricultural labourers worked around 80 hours a week in all weathers to cultivate land, undertake harvesting, care for livestock, mend hedges, clear ditches, repair farm buildings and do any other farm work required. Their only respite from gruelling hard work would've been on a Sunday when best clothes were worn, church was attended and a family meal (probably the most wholesome of the week) was shared. In the face of poverty, Lucy and her siblings were fortunate not to have lost either of their parents during childhood. Sadly, her parents ended their days living in the Hailsham Union Workhouse.


Mother: Charity Bartholomew:

Baptism: 22 July 1764, St. Bartholomew, Chalvington, Sussex.

Burial: 23 April 1847, St. Peter and Paul, Hellingly, Sussex (Charity was 82 years old).


Baptism: 14 March 1802, St. Peter and Paul, Hellingly, Sussex.

Lucy was the fifth of five children born to her parents. She and her siblings were raised in Hellingly, Sussex, a village situated 65 miles (105 kilometers) south east of London. Although impoverished, this family was fortunate to be living in this Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, a far cry from the filthy, crime-ridden streets of London.


Marriage: 10 May 1823, St. Mary, Newick, Sussex (Lucy was 21 years old).


Spouse: John Eastland:

Baptism: 4 May 1801, St. Michael, Ashburnham, Sussex.

Burial: 16 July 1871, St. Mary, Newick, Sussex (John was 70 years old).


Children: William Eastland:

Birth: 17 August 1823, Fletching, Sussex.

Burial: 3 August 1858, St. Mary, Newick, Sussex (William was 34 years old).


Thomas Eastland:

Birth: 1825, Fletching, Sussex.

Death: 1908, Newick, Sussex (Thomas was 83 years old).


Sophia Eastland:

Birth: 1828, Fletching, Sussex.

Death: 28 January 1895, Newick, Sussex (Sophia was 67 years old).


George Eastland:

Born: 1833, 'Fonthill', Church Lane, Newick, Sussex.

Burial: 10 February 1902, St. Bartholomew, Horley, Surrey (George was 69 years old).


James Eastland:

Birth: 1838, 'Fonthill', Church Lane, Newick, Sussex.

Death: 1892, Reigate, Surrey (James was 54 years old).


Ann Eastland:

Birth: 1840, 'Fonthill', Church Lane, Newick, Sussex.

Death: 1859, 'Fonthill', Church Lane, Newick, Sussex (Ann was 19 years old).


Eleanor 'Ellen' Eastland:

Birth: 1842, 'Fonthill', Church Lane, Newick, Sussex.

Death: 1931, Sevenoaks, Kent (Ellen was 89 years old).


Henry Eastland:

Birth: 1846, 'Fonthill', Church Lane, Newick, Sussex.

Death: 1884, Newick, Sussex (Henry was 38 years old).


Occupation: Housewife and mother.


Burial: 24 May 1860, St. Mary, Newick, Sussex (Lucy was 58 years old).


Cause of death: Unknown.


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